Product Range

  • 1. Product Range By Application
    98% EU Car Park Coverage
    American Range - Coming Soon
    Asian Range - Coming Soon
  • 2. Passenger Vehicle
    Brake Pads - 1,300 brake pads references
    Brake Discs - 1,300 brake disc references
    ABS Sensors Brake Shoes - 350 ABS sensor references
    Brake Shoe Kits - 200 brake shoe kit references
    Wear Indicators - 180 wear indicator references
    Brake Drums - 170 brake drum references
  • 3. Commercial Vehicle
    [ Coming Soon ] - CV Brake Pads, Linings, Discs
  • 4. Performance / Racing
    Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
    Engineered to withstand even the most punishing treatment, Akebono Performance® Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pads deliver ideal stopping power in extreme conditions and are made in the USA. For performance enthusiasts, light trucks, SUVs, fleets, or law enforcement vehicles, you can count on the Akebono Performance line to safely and smoothly stop your vehicles.
  • 5. Brake Fluids
    Our DOT 3 and DOT 4 Brake Fluid are high performing fluids engineered to optimise braking performance for specific applications. Both DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids are suitable for hydraulic and conventional braking systems in automotive vehicles.