Akebono Brake Industry

As an independent manufacturer specialized in brakes, Akebono strives to deliver safety and peace of mind to customers all over the world. From compact cars to high-performance vehicles, Akebono develops and manufactures brakes in a wide range of segments. Akebono leverage the technologies that they have accumulated through the automotive field to develop diverse business areas and focus on development of next-generation technologies to contribute to creating a better society with safety and peace of mind for all.

At the heart of Akebono's business are brake products for automobiles. Akebono globally develops and manufactures, friction parts including brake pads and brake linings, as well as mechanical parts such as disc brakes and drum brakes. Moreover, technology refined through the development of products for automobiles are put to full use for other braking needs, such as motorcycles, rolling stock, and industrial machinery. Furthermore, Akebono develops and manufactures sensor products which harnesses the vibration-analysis technologies of brakes.